Monday, June 02, 2008

Serious and stupid, all at once

Hi, I'm a Hormone Hostage. My good mood turned dark this afternoon at about 4:00, and now, hours later, it's no better.

I know it's PMS. I know it's not "real." I know it will pass.

But I miss my best friend. I want to talk to him soooo much. Where are the Cubs? I want the baseball game to start NOW, not two hours from now. Why must they be in San Diego, playing a late night game when I need them to distract and entertain me NOW?

This is depression. It hurts. I hate it. I just want to take a nap … to sleep until this sad, sad feeling goes away. But I must remember, it WILL go away.

My village police officers must have the patience of saints

Recently one of my neighbors with too much time on his hands demanded to know why that beat-up car was parked in my space. I tried to be polite to Walt, as he is a senior citizen and deserves deference, and refrained some saying, "None of your freaking business." I explained that Brian on the 3rd floor rents my parking space, that he has paid in full and in advance, so if there's a car in that space -- beat up or not -- that didn't belong there, I was sure Brian would have done something about it.

Walt insisted he would "get to the bottom of this."

I hid from Walt and avoided him like the plague because I felt this was a matter between me (the owner of the spot) and Brian (the renter of the spot). And if Brian and I are OK with the situation, why should anyone else care? Also, when I checked out the damage to the red car, I got angry. It was smooshed on the driver's side. At no point did Walt express any concern that Brian, our neighbor, might be injured!

Yesterday, whilst folding my bathtowels in our community laundry room, Brian mentioned that Walt really was quite the busy body. Seems the old boy called our local police department to inquire whether the car in my spot was stolen! Walt had the unmitigated chutzpah to tell Brian that he was relieved when the cops assured him it wasn't.

Now since the car had no plates, how could the police possibly know anything about it or its history? My guess is that they told Walt they checked it, but never did. At least I hope that's what happened. As a tax payer (and owner of that parking space), I sincerely hope they have better things to do!

I wonder what other silly errands citizens send them on …