Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gotta give it to the old girl

Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania. As I write this, it looks like she will have done it decisively, too.

Yeah, her campaign is broke. Yeah, her negative rating is unusually high, with nearly half the country saying there is no way they will vote for her. Yeah, I know she probably can't catch Obama in pledged delegate count.

Yet somehow, tonight she won.

I worked on Bill Clinton's national campaigns in 1992 and 1996 and tonight reminds me something we volunteers were told about Bill and Hill: "They're Weebles. Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down."

Ten on Tuesday #1 -- My life is wonderful

I got me a new meme!

The challenge: "Sometimes we’re so busy moaning and groaning about the stresses in our lives, wishing for things we can’t have or the life we should have had that we forget to appreciate how lucky we are to be alive. So what makes your life wonderful?"

1) My critters. My three cats have vastly different personalities and watching them interact with one another is so much fun. They also provide me with a font of unconditional love that I too-often take for granted.

2) My faith. Don't worry, this won't be one of those "I-gotta-convert-you" posts because my faith is just that … mine. It's personal, it's strong, and it has sustained me through the rough times.

3) The first-place Chicago Cubs. What more needs to be said?

4) My job. I am a writer. Words come easily to me and I am fortunate to get paid for something I enjoy. For the most part. I mean, after all, it is called "work."

5) Email. Because words (and typing) come easily to me, email gives me an easy way to stay in closer contact with people that might have drifted away otherwise.

6) My friends. A motley crew to be sure! But mine own. Gay and straight, representing a variety of occupations and races, single and engaged and married, from 32 to 61, they keep me entertained and educated as they share their lives with me. I'm lucky to have them.

7) The Beatles. Like the Cubs, the Lads have always been a source of joy as years turn to decades.

8) The sky. I love it. Really. From cloudless pale blue to stormy gray to inky and filled with stars.

9) Cable. OK, so maybe I'm shallow. But I love just surfing and seeing what's on. I'm often having mindless fun, but the HBO series on John Adams taught me a ton, so it isn't all mental junk food.

10) My mom. We've had our ups and downs, of course. But she's still my mommy and I love her.

For more information, or to play along yourself, click here.

NOW he's discreet?!??

Last month, my old boss shared every detail (and I do mean "every") of his proposed prostate cancer surgery. Since then we've exchanged emails and I've sent a couple of "cheer up" cards. Suddenly, last week he went silent. I understood and respected that, since Friday was the scheduled date for the surgery. I imagine that, just as talking about it earlier on made him feel better, talking about it as the day approached may have made him more nervous.

But that was Friday. He was supposed to be home Saturday. I sent this rose plant and it was successfully delivered. (Yes, I saved the 35%, too. Hey! It's the thought that counts!) And I have yet to hear WORD ONE from him!

Could he still be too tired? Trust me, he's not embarrassed about the nature of his surgery -- but I suppose he could be embarrassed if he chickened out … Or (shudder) what if his doctors discovered that the cancer spread?

I'm respecting his privacy, but it's not easy. WHAT IS GOING ON?