Saturday, April 05, 2008

Now THIS is why God made Saturdays!

It's sunny and in the low-to-mid 60ºs! I celebrated by walking my 10,000 steps through the park and along the side streets to and from the cheapie pet store (where Friskies are only 38¢/can!). Most gloriously of all, I had Pat and Ron in my headphones. So I exercised AND economized. I am happy.

I love my Cubs broadcast team. Especially on a day like today, when the Cubs come from behind to win! Unflappable Pat reports the play-by-play and Ronnie (Cubs great Ron Santo) provides the heart, and the insights of someone who played All Star-caliber third base in Wrigley Field.

The games on TV are enjoyable for sure. But there is nothing like wandering around town on a bright sunny day with Pat and Ron company. All the better when DLee goes 4-for-4 and Kerry Wood gets the save.

Still the gold standard when it comes to obnoxious Beatle Birds

Yoko Ono has leapt to the defense of Heather Mills, encouraging the former Lady McCartney to "do her very best and try to survive."

I'm sure the $50 million that Sir Paul's ex will receive will make "surviving" a little easier. To put it in perspective, according to Great Britain national statistics, households in London have the highest total average income in the UK and that is approximately the equivalent of $77,000/year. Average households throughout Great Britain "survive" on less.

And these women wonder why the public dislikes them. To paraphrase Jennifer Aniston's assessment of Brad Pitt, each of these Beatle Birds seems to be missing a sensitivity chip.

Shame on me!

I let economizing and PMS get the best of me! Yesterday for lunch, instead of working out, I went to Border's because I had a soon-to-expire coupon for 25% off and I NEEDED new headphones. (No, really. Without my iPod I am simply not myself!)

To make it worse, I also bought a chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil and wearing a little red ribbon. This year, at Easter, my mom gave me little Tootsie Rolls and jelly beans. It was fine, but I missed having a chocolate bunny. It was on sale. I'm PMS-ing. And who knew Border's had chocolate?

To make it even worse, I stopped at McDonald's for lunch on the way back. PMS protein cravings took over. I chose a QP with cheese because it's fewer calories than a Big Mac. Somehow that made me feel virtuous.

At 3:30, our office had a party to celebrate the start of baseball season. I knew the beer cart would be there (a major beer company is one of our clients) and that Cub and White Sox cookies would be provided so we could declare our team affiliation. I passed on the beer and cookies but instead grabbed what I didn't expect -- a hotdog and a bag of peanuts. I figured: free dinner. Again, I'm taking my resolution to economize seriously.

But what I did yesterday was UNwise and UNhealthy. Bad for my skin. Bad for my heart. Bad for incredily big thighs and round, round tummy. Bad for my self esteem.

Move more, Gal. Eat better, Gal. Drink more WATER, Gal. I realize it's as important as saving money.