Monday, May 04, 2009

Ryan Theriot Is Hot

At the plate, I mean. Tonight he got another homerun, and looked especially yummy doing it. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

McDreamy wants me

Really. That was the dream I had. Somehow, Dr. Derek Shepherd and I were cast as leads in a play that benefited some community organization. Meredith was upset about the sparks between us. I seem to recall that it was Shakespeare, and while we got to kiss in character, we never got down to actual lovemaking. (Perhaps that's why he looks so melancholy in this photo.)

So we were both horny AND honorable. I like that in a dream. This dream was definitely more upbeat than the bittersweet one I had about Dr. Doug Ross.

According to, to appear in a play "represents the parts" I play in real life "and the personae" I put on. To dream of kissing someone else's boyfriend indicates my wish "to be in a relationship and experience the energy of love." Yes, he does stimulate my longing for "the energy of love."

Can you say "oink?"

Just in time for Elizabeth Edwards' book tour, her husband has put his foot into another humiliating pile of crap. He's under investigation to see if he diverted any of his 2008 campaign funds to his mistress to keep her "from going public."

I think Elizabeth Edwards is a great lady, and my heart breaks for her. (And no, considering the nature of this scandal and the timing in conjunction with her book tour, I do not believe she was "in on it.")