Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm a fan

I'm watching Laura Linney right now as Sean Penn's hard-as-nails wife in Mystic River. Hard to believe this is the same actress who was so majestic, so wise as Abigail Adams (right) on HBO … and so sweetly twitterpated over her coworker (below) in Love, Actually ... and so earnest and confused in You Can Count on Me … and so sleek and ambitious in Primal Fear.

It has just occurred to me that I don't think I've ever seen this versatile actress be anything but very good.

This just in: Cubbie Blue to prevail over Dodger Blue

It's all in place: the Phillies will play the Brewers and, in an all-blue matchup, the Cubs take on the Dodgers. I'm feeling strong and confident. Of course, it's more important that the Cubs feel strong and confident.

This series will be an emotional one for me, as there are Dodgers I feel genuine affection for: My beloved future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux and Nomar Garciaparra, who was a Cub briefly. So, while naturally it's vitally important that the Cubs defeat the Dodgers, I don't want them to humiliate the Dodgers.

Unless of course, Joe Torre has the temerity, the insensitivity, the complete and utter lack of respect to not carry Greg Maddux on his play-off roster. There should be no dissing the 7th winningest pitcher in the history of the game. Should that happen, I hope my Cubs frigging annihilate the Dodgers.

Sunday Stealing #5

SundayStealing: The "More About Me Me Me" Meme

My favorite age: 35. It felt very attractive, very womanly.

My best friend(s): The one I have referred to on this blog as, creatively enough, My Best Friend.

My celebrity crush: Current -- Don Draper from Mad Men; Eternal -- Paul McCartney

My defining characteristic: I'm very verbal

My most evil moment: I regret something very mean that I once said to a lover, something I said just to hurt him -- I'm not even sure I meant it.

My favorite food: Beef

My grossest injury: Uterine fibroids. C'mon, who really wants to hear about 'em?

My biggest hatred: Adults who CHOOSE to be uninformed voters. The government is everyone's responsibility.

My most illegal activity: I'm really very dull in this area. I can't think of a one.

My need for justice: I hate bullies. If I can dive in and even the odds a little, I will.

My most knowledgeable field: Beatle lore. Or maybe movie trivia.

My life’s goal: To be content.

My mother’s influence: Love of animals

My nerdiest point: I love the database/demographic aspect of advertising. Really.

My oldest memory: Trying to stand up next to the red ottoman when I was a toddler. It's only a split second I can recall, but it's very clear.

My perfect date: A movie and dinner

My unanswered question: Why?

My random fact: I was born at the stroke of midnight between the 21 and 22. That makes me on the cusp of a cusp -- a fact that freaks astrologists out

My stupidest decision: To stay with Stevie as long as I did.

My favorite television show: Mad Men

My style of underwear: Hanes white cotton panties -- I accept no substitutes

My favorite vegetable: Corn

My weakest trait: My temper can make me impulsive

My X-men power: I'm depressingly normal

My strongest yearning: Love

My moment of Zen: Soaking in the tub, singing along with the oldies on my shower radio