Monday, September 10, 2007

Observing it in my own way

That anniversary is upon us again. It stirs so many emotions and the pain, fear, rage and sorrow are still so raw that I don't feel like blogging about it yet. Maybe in another 6 years.

Instead I'm going to do another commercial for Operation Showbox. This wonderful organization has the ambitous goal of one shoebox for every soldier. The boxes contain personal care items, snacks, playing cards, postcards, etc. -- little things that make their lives better and remind them that there's a grateful nation supporting them.

I'm observing today by sending an envelope filled with baby wipes, Q-tips, and condiment packages (to liven up those bland MREs). It feels like the very least I can do for a soldier who volunteered to go into battle on my behalf.

Regardless of what the reality is/was, most of the troops who enlisted were motivated to do so because of what happened on this day 6 years ago. Regardless of how I feel about this war, I honor that motivation and their service today.