Thursday, November 22, 2007

If November 22 is your birthday …

… then you share it with ME! And here's our horoscope, courtesy of the Sun Times: "This year presents many lessons in love. Your heart will have so many reasons to feel fulfilled, but you are also learning that you don’t need a reason — love is always there for you when you are open to it. December brings a financial windfall. There’s a chance to showcase your talent in July. You share a special connection with Gemini and Aries. Your lucky numbers are 30, 1, 4, 33 and 15."

Celebration update:

• Tuesday was dinner with an old friend, Linda. I'm pleased she remembered because her life has been hectic (good and bad) lately. She's broke, so we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. It IS the thought that counts, though, and I hope I was able to convey that to her.

• Wednesday I received my very own Robert the Doll from my friends in Key West. The original Robert is a local hero, a demonic doll who did the evil biddings of his owner (including pushing people down stairs and locking them in wine cellars). Now that his owner is long gone, it is rumored that Robert can still make mischief (throwing shadows, moving drapes, etc.). I'm a big fan of both the doll and his legend and visit him each year, safely behind glass at the East Martello Museum. Naturally I am thrilled to have one of my own!

• I also had dinner last night with my friend Kathleen. I was happy to go, but she did not have to give me anything. After all, she's the one who took me to my one and only CUB PLAY OFF GAME last July. That meant soooo much to me! In a way, I wish we'd left it at that, because I drank a couple of pear cosmos and woke up this morning with a headache. I've drunk more than two cosmos in shorter time with no ill effects, so I think I should stay away from the fruit flavorings.

Gotta get dressed so I can head over to my mother's for my birthday with her, and then the Big Bird. Wish me luck. Family celebrations don't always go so well …