Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love Kara, hate The Bikini Girl

Kara DioGuardi is fun. Paula is her same, sweet sensitive and slightly off center self. Randy is a self-consciously hip parody of himself. Simon is smug and self-assured, but he showed flashes of humanity and compassion. I still can't figure out what Ryan brings to the party, but whatever. In short …


I already singled out the AI contestant that I love to hate. She's the tall tart who showed up for the audition in her bikini and offered to make out with Ryan if she won. Last year it was Danny Noriega, this year Bikini Girl is the one who is nowhere near as adorable as she thinks she is and I hope she goes home after Hollywood. (To be fair, though, her cellulite-free legs are completely amazing.)

Ya got to have friends ...

Over the last 24 hours, I've heard from or been touched by these friends.

My oldest friend sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers in a coffee mug. It's to thank me for the advice and support, even as I worry about my own professional future. While I don't expect such things, it's awfully nice to feel appreciated … and to have flowers greet me when I enter my office still feeling a little crappy from this cold.

My former boss and I had dinner last night. His life still sucks. Short version: he went into the hospital for "minor" surgery last spring and it went very wrong. He endured a long, slow, difficult 3-month recovery, was finally able to return to work, and then was laid off. (For the long version, click here.) BUT his mood is much improved. He still talks about his medical problems incessantly, but that's OK, because that's how he's working through it. (Besides, it's good to know I can still blush.) His good humor is back, and that's a testament to his spirit.

My adorable friend whose wife dumped him is on the mend, too. Strangely enough, finding out that she was having an affair while they were still married has made him feel better. There was no amount of counseling, nothing he could do, to keep his marriage afloat because, unbeknownst to him, she had already left him emotionally. So while on the one hand, he's not crazy about the other man hanging around his former house with his children, it has liberated him to start dating again. Her name is Kristin. God bless her for making my adorable friend so happy.

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