Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'd forgotten how much I loved this movie!

I'd also forgotten how much I once wanted to be a nun! Made in 1966, this movie follows the "scathingly brilliant" adventures of Mary (Hayley Mills) and Rachel, best friends at a Catholic boarding school. Rosalind Russell is the Reverend Mother, a stern, yet wise and comforting presence.

The nuns were so compassionate, the girls were so much fun, that I wanted to go to Catholic boarding school and then go on to become a novice, then a nun/teacher. Except I wasn't Catholic, and eventually it dawned on me that something was missing at St. Francis: boys. I was already very much in love with Paul McCartney and didn't see how I could be both Mrs. McCartney and Sister Elizabeth. (I don't know why, I just liked the sound of "Sister Elizabeth.") Still, when I was 8 or 9, there was something very attractive about the idea of having my future planned out … all safe and sound.

I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this gem as I spun the dial on a rainy Tuesday night. It makes me feel happy, safe and sound again.

Idol Observation

Adam made that hoary old chestnut, "Satisfaction," relevant, so I'm very glad he made it through. Also, I like his hair. And I was afraid that Norman Gentile, while entertaining, would be this year's Sanjaya.

Is it OK if I feel sorry for Rielle Hunter?

Regular readers of this humble blog know I consider Elizabeth Edwards a true heroine. Her memoir, Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers, touched me deeply and finally taught this ever-independent Gal the life lesson that sometimes it requires strength to ask for help. Mrs. Edwards' dedication to the causes that matter to her, like universal healthcare, has not wavered as her cancer has progressed. Last summer, as part of a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser, she wrote: "Throughout my battle with breast cancer, so many extraordinary people have reached out to me and my family, holding us up with their gentle but unwavering support. The truth is, I have been very fortunate -- not just because of their support but because I have good health care coverage. I also haven't had to worry about whether I might lose my home to foreclosure or how I'll put food on my children's table or gas in my car." I doubt I would be able to maintain such selfless perspective if I was suffering from inoperable cancer.

That's why I was so disappointed and disgusted that John Edwards would hurt and humiliate her as he did. I admit it, I was so upset you'd think I was the one he cheated on. (Well, that is kinda how it felt!)

Yet as the press starts swirling around the upcoming release of Elizabeth's next book (Resilience, due in May), whispers have started about "the other woman" in Edwards' life, Rielle Hunter. Here's one columnist's take on Hunter's life since the affair was confirmed in August 08: "Soon after that, the private arrangements between Edwards and Hunter more or less fell apart. Fred Baron, an Edwards associate, had been funding Hunter’s stay at a rented Santa Barbara home. But Baron died suddenly and tragically in late October after a short bout with cancer. This left Hunter in the lurch. The lease on her house ran out in December. Since then, she’s been relying on the kindness of friends, sources say, and hoping that Edwards would do the right thing. So far, that hasn’t happened. Hunter has forged on ahead as a single mom, refusing to sell her story or sue Edwards for paternity. The baby’s birth certificate still lists no father."

From where I sit, Hunter and her daughter, Frances Quinn, are victims of Edwards' selfish lack of self-control, too. There are no winners in this saga, just losers.

THURSDAY THIRTEEN #96 -- "The Welcome Back" Edition

First of all, thanks to Mr. Pop Culture Dish himself, Malcolm, for reuniting me with my all-time favorite meme! Because it's too late/too early for me to be up, I'm going to let music, and this post, "soothe the mind and give it rest," so I can go back to bed for a bit. (Please remember that I am a proud Baby Boomer and my list reflects that.)

Without further ado ...


1. 100 Years -- 5 for Fighting
2. (Between a) Rock and a Hard Place -- Rolling Stones
3. Domino -- Van Morrison
4. Martha, My Dear -- The Beatles
5. Just a Little Lovin' -- Dusty Springfield
6. You're My Best Friend -- Queen
7. Jessie's Girl -- Rick Springfield
8. I'm the Greatest -- Ringo Starr
9. Little Sister -- Elvis
10. Love in an Elevator -- Aerosmith
11. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows -- Lesley Gore*
12. Already Gone -- The Eagles
13. The Rising -- The Boss

*Yes, I'm embarrassed that one came up. But what kind of person fakes her TT? I had to include it.

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