Sunday, August 12, 2007

August Happiness -- Sunday, August 12

My favorite Key West souvenir t-shirt is clean and wearable again! I simply love my blue shirt from the Dry Tortugas because of the 5 turtles making their way across the front. And in a classic Lucy Riccardo move that is simply too stupid to recount here, I splashed spaghetti sauce all over it. Effectively combining the power of Shout!, Tide and prayer, I got the stain out completely!

Google Search Meme

Callista tagged me for my first-ever visual meme!

Here are the rules:
1) Go to
2) Click on Google images
3) Type in your name and search
4) Repost the picture of the oddest, craziest, strangest, coolest, oldest, etc. person that shares your name. Post multiples if you find a few you like.
5) Pass it on to at least 5 other people.

This was certainly a surprise! There's someone out there with my exact name who literally hangs around in caves. I suppose we may be related, but from this angle she doesn't look familiar and I see no family resemblance.

I Googled images for just my first name, but forgot to turn on "safe search" and certainly got an eyeful. There are gals out there enjoying far more daring personal lives than this one is!

Now for my five tags:

Book Mama
Jenny McB

Unconscious Mutterings #6

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Voyage :: to the Bottom of the Sea
  2. Patricia :: my icky older sister
  3. Transformation :: duckling/swan
  4. Vocabulary :: Dictionary
  5. San Francisco :: Golden Gate
  6. Edward :: the King
  7. Sawyer :: Tom
  8. Literary :: Library
  9. Tiger :: Woods
  10. Seal :: of Approval
For more information, or to play yourself, visit Unconscious Mutterings.