Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite moment

I love the Colbert Report best when Stephen looks like he's just on the verge of breaking himself up.

Happy birthday to me (part two)

Got a promotional birthday card from a local salon, inviting me in for a free facial. Since I was there and reclining and scrubbed clean, I also had my brows (ow! ow!) waxed. Instead of taking the bus, I walked to and from the salon, which means I got a nice workout in on my day off, too. Now I'm watching NCIS. Sigh. I love Gibbs.

Happy birthday to me (part one)

Today (Wednesday) was my last day at work this week. It was a busy day. Since I was unable to get away for lunch, I was grateful that the agency gave me a $5 birthday gift certificate for the building cafeteria. (So my grilled cheese, Baked Lay's and Coke was just 39¢!) The art directors brought me a mint-chocolate brownie for dessert, which was thoughtful. Especially when you consider that I can be rather Type A with them!

Then my theater buddy, Barb, took me out to a nice birthday dinner. I had my first orange blossom fizz (who knew I like gin?), an apple salad, chicken ravioli and, for dessert, a slice of pumpkin/gingerbread pie. Very yummy!

Then we went to see the world premiere of The Addams Family, with Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia. It was soooo weird and so very, very funny. (I predict about a half hour of dancing will be cut when it gets to Broadway, but that's a small quibble.) And my gift? A beautiful, heavy white soap dish with solid bar of fragrant pomegranate soap, which will look good in my pink bathroom -- if I can find the right spot for it.

When I got home I found a gift from cousin Rose. It's a black Totes umbrella. Not as glamorous as Barb's gift, but appreciated all the same. Next to individual gloves, umbrellas are the item I forgetfully leave behind on the train most often.