Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #112 -- Summertime, and the living is casual



Now that winter coats have been abandoned, I have been taking note of what my neighbors wear emblazoned across their chests this Summer of 09. (Naturally there were tons of Cubs and White Sox shirts on display, so many that I disqualified them from the list. Interestingly, no Bears shirts, just hats.)

Have you seen any of these shirts? What do you advertise across your chest?

1) CAT (the Caterpillar logo)

2) We Be Jammin' (illustrated with Bob Marley)

3) Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

4) A big Playboy logo against a pink background

5) USS Constitution -- Boston

6) World Wildlife Fund

7) Hug it out!

8) Peace & Unity

9) Discover Greatness/Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

10) Livestrong

11) Obama 08 (Like the one my avatar is wearing)

12) Adopt Love/the Tampa SPCA

13) Hooters Rocks! (The less said about the accompanying illustration, the better)

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Our National Nightmare Is Over!

Donald Trump ousts Prejean as Miss California

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- It's official: Controversial Miss California Carrie Prejean has heard the words "you're fired" from pageant boss Donald Trump.

Trump issued a statement Wednesday saying he sacked Prejean for failing to honor her commitments as Miss California USA.