Sunday, September 06, 2015

September Challenge -- Day 6

Six things I didn't do today

Three things I should have done today ... 

1) Scrub the tub
2) Vacuum the living room
3) Flip the pad on the futon

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Sunday Stealing

1. Do you like making lists? Not especially

2. Do/did you play sports with your siblings? Nope

3. Would you rather go to a University or a community college? At this late stage of my life, neither

4. What’s your favorite kind of bread? Wheat for breakfast toast, white for sandwiches

5. What toppings do you like on your pizza? Sausage, spinach or pepperoni (but only one at a time)

6. What color or design does your shower curtain have? A rather intricate vertical pattern on white fabric.

7. What kind of car does/did your mom drive? My mom once drove a light blue Corvair

8. What’s on your cell phone’s home screen? The icons for all the apps I could use if I knew how

9. Do you like to watch the National Geographic channel? Nope

10. Are you the type of person to correct a survey maker’s grammar and/or spelling? Well, I did change the capitalization on the headline ...

11. What color is your microwave? White

12. Do you have a fan in your bedroom? Two, one in the window and one on the ceiling

13. Mountain Dew or Sprite? I'd prefer to do the Dew. (I like caffeine.)

14. Does it rain a lot where you live? Not a lot

15. Do you shop at Walmart regularly? Seldom, if ever. Not once this year.

16. Does it bother you when animals lick themselves? No

17. Have you ever been to a Trader Joe’s? I go there a couple times a month

18. What’s the longest time you’ve ever been stuck in traffic? I've never clocked it

19. Do you wear black a lot? Not that often. (Cat fur really shows up on black.)

20. Are there stairs in your house? There are stairs leading to and from my condo, but none in my condo.

21. Have you ever held $500 in cash? Yes.

22. Do you like onions on your burger? No.

23. Could you ever give yourself a shot? You mean like a
24. Do you wear shoes in the house? Not often

25. Have you ever worked as a cashier? Very briefly, when I was in high school.