Saturday, March 14, 2009

My favorite sale of the year

Whether it's known as Carson's or BonTon or Bergner's in your neck of the woods, this department store is having a special sale to support Goodwill. Donate your gently used clothes or linens in store and receive a coupon worth 20% off for each item you bring in! I donated two sets of clean, reusable bath towels and ended up with NINE coupons.

I love coupons. I love helping Goodwill. So I love this sale.

Clinique Repairwear
Lovely Body Lotion
A belt
A Macintosh New England raincoat
Gray slacks
A peasant blouse (Clinton Kelly would recommend the empire waist for me, I just know it)
Three blouses (pink, black and pale blue)

That accounts for my 9 Goodwill coupons. Those nine towels turned into $95.38, and I'm pleased with all my purchases. I believe I'm just about done shopping for spring, and I'm happy to know I contributed to the "Million Acts of Goodwill."

I'm going to the mall this weekend. Will you come with me?

This is Clinton Kelly from TLC's What Not to Wear. I think I love him. He's honest, but sweet. And as he delivers the "why you need a makeover" blows -- whether watching the secret footage or going through your closet or critiquing in front of the 360ยบ mirror -- he always gently touches the focus of his attention. Adjusting her collar, squeezing her shoulder ... He knows that what he's saying can hurt and he always tries to soften the impact. I love his empathy.

I am sprucing up my spring wardrobe as part of the Carson's/Goodwill sale. I wish my favorite fantasy friend, Clinton, was coming along.

Why am I even bothering to watch?

The TV Guide channel is counting down the sexiest female film stars of all time. I believe we all know who will come in at #1.

Part of why I love believing in Heaven is that it's so comforting. Norma Jean Baker -- unwanted, unloved, mousey, insecure, dead longer than she was alive -- is still worshipped, imitated and adored. I love believing that she knows it, sees it and can enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning is devoted to the men. Now that one has a little more suspense attached, doesn't it? Clooney? Pitt? Redford? Newman? Right now, my personal vote would go to Hugh Grant. But my fave in this department changes more often than my handbags. Fantasy is fun, isn't it?