Monday, December 14, 2009

The A&E film crew will be here any minute

Christmas has ex-ploded all over my home. There are presents and shopping bags and gift receipts and STUFF all around. My best friend is supposed to be in town tomorrow and I actually couldn't find his present! I almost started to cry. I simply must restore order here.

I had this fantasy of getting it all orderly -- gifts here, Goodwill donations there, recyclables in a third area. Then, once I dispose of the Goodwill donations and the recyclables, enjoying a pleasant night of wrapping while listening to carols.

I wonder if I'll accomplish all that before Easter!

Not the smartest sentiment to share in this economy, but ...

… I actually have more to do at home than here at work! None of my presents are wrapped and they are scattered all over from room to room. Plus I simply must put another bag together for Goodwill.

And yet here I am, just sitting in my office, waiting for my art director to get back to me with the letters I gave him Friday and this morning.