Friday, December 04, 2009

The happiest $5 I ever spent

Every time I leave McDonald's I leave change in one specific gentleman's cup. He always cheerfully says, "Thank you for your blessings." It makes me happy to help and besides, it's a good reality check to see someone who views 30¢ as a blessing.

Before Thanksgiving, I got him a $5 McDonald's gift card. $5 may not have gotten him a turkey dinner, but it would give him a half hour out of the cold on a holiday, as he sat at a table and had a burger and coffee.

Unfortunately, he wasn't there! I was very worried about him. And I switched the gift card from purse to purse, hoping I'd run into him. I know I could have shared it with any number of homeless people, but I bought it for him and I wanted him to have it.

He was back today! He didn't have a very coherent answer to "where have you been?" because I don't think he has a good command of the calendar. (Hell, sometimes I can't remember what day it is, either!) But I gave him his Thanksgiving gift card and told him now he could go inside and get warm.

Today he didn't say, "Thank you for your blessings!" Today he said, "Lord!" and popped up and went through the revolving door. When I last saw him, he was in line, holding the card and looking at the menu board.

In my heart, I'm thanking him for the blessing. This is the best I've felt in days!

Really not funny

Those gatecrashing Salahis make me feel all skin crawly. I saw Washington columnist Sally Quinn say (rather condescendingly, I thought) that these two are just tragic publicity seekers and wannabes who need help.

I agree they may need help, but I think it's dangerous to underestimate how serious this is.

While I don't believe the President was in any danger with these two, let's not forget one of the most "successful" publicity seeking wannabes in history was a skinny little loser named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Please, get it together White House security! None of us wants to see that again.