Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stolen from Kwizgiver …

as all the best memes are.


1.Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow? Both :)
2. Santa or Rudolph? Rudolph … and Clarice
3. Stocking or presents? Presents
4. Egg nog or hot cider? Cider
5. Angel or star? Angel
6. Decorating the tree, or putting lights on the outside? This year, neither. But under perfect circumstances, the tree.
7. Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides? Fire
8. Family time or friend time? Some friends I consider family. (Kwizgiver's original answer; I love it.)
9. Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart? Is it wrong to want expensive gifts that come from the heart?
10. Snow ball fight or snowman? Snowman.
11.Coal or present? Presents.
12. Open presents quick or slow? Slow.
13. Diamonds or rubies? Not interested in either.
14. Caroling or Christmas movies? Movies.
15. Snowy days or ice days? Snowy.
16. Red or Green? Green.


1. Best Christmas present received? Blaze, a talking rocking horse
2. What’s the number one thing you want for Christmas? Lovely Body Lotion by Sarah Jessica Parker
3. If you were going out with someone, what would you want them to give/get you? Something personal and sweet
4. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe? Yes, but not well
5. Age you stopped believing in Santa Claus? 10
7. Do you wake your parents? Yes, but not before 7:00 AM

Ah. spa!

Yesterday was almost totally a great day! A friend of mine celebrated my 50th by booking two spa treatments for my old, tired bones. First I had the most fabulous hydrotherapy treatment … citrusy steam, scrub and shower for all-over moisturizing. Then we broke for lunch, followed by the most delicious Swedish massage -- important for my poor, tragic, over-moused/over-clicked shoulder. It was wonderful! Pampering, food, and conversation combined left me feeling very zen.

Which was a good thing, because while I was being pampered and fed, an ice storm was taking place outside. The roads and rails were all screwed up. It took me 45 (so uneventful I don't even recall them) minutes to get downtown and 2 1/2 (my feet were soaked and it was so cold on the platform) hours to get home.

My mantra all the way was: "Ah, spa! Ah, spa!"

Unconscious Mutterings #19

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Music :: iPod
  2. Insanity :: Lunacy
  3. Curtain :: Shower
  4. Nickname :: "Mouse," a nickname my dad gave me when I was very young
  5. Container :: The Container Store
  6. Roast :: Pork
  7. Thong :: Ouch
  8. Purple :: sweater set
  9. Holidays :: They're upon us
  10. Christmas tree :: Maybe this year … but maybe not. My cat Reynaldo still has his destructive moments, and I wonder if trying a tree this year isn't just buying trouble.
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