Thursday, December 06, 2007


Alison has tagged me for the "7 Random Things" meme. Here goes:

1) Part of why I enjoy watching Open Court on Court TV is that it gives me the opportunity to check out host Lisa Bloom's makeup. Like me, Lisa (right) has very fair skin, and her shadow/lipstick color choices run from subdued to unconventional.

2) Many Christmas seasons ago, my purse was stolen. Ripped right off my arm my a bike messenger, who pedaled away with it. While I wasn't delighted about the loss of my wallet with my cash and credit cards, I found what I missed most was my glasses. That night, when I took out my contact lenses, I was blind. So now I have a spare pair of glasses at home … just in case.

3) The best movie I've seen this year (so far) is Michael Clayton.

4) I took the RealAge Test, which revealed that while I may be 50 chronoligically, my RealAge is 46.

5) I can never remember my own cellphone number, and frequently have to look it up in my Franklin Planner.

6) I really would prefer not to mingle or chat when I'm at church. I find it a very personal time, just for me and God.

7) I feel naked if I leave home without my watch.

Now I think those are all new little Gal factoids, and I know they were pretty random!

I'm not tagging anyone this time around, but if you'd like to complete this, too, let me know so I can check your answers.

Why this book?

Last night was my last birthday celebration of the year. My best friend was in town, and oh, how I'd missed him. I was also CONSUMED with curiosity about my birthday gift! He began mentioning over the summer that he was wrestling with coming up the perfect present.

So imagine my surprise when I unwrapped this paperback. I've never heard of this book, much less asked for it. So I was surprised to learn that it was on the NY Times bestseller list on the day I was born. Also in the gift bag was a DVD of Bridge Over the River Kwai, the most celebrated the movie of the year I was born. Best of all was a press clipping about the Quarrymen, who played a small club in Liverpool the day after I was born. Fronting the group were an impossibly young (15 and 17, respectively) Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

It was a thoughtful, imaginative gift. My best friend done good.