Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goin' Home

We were very busy today here at the old advertising plantation, and it's been fun to be so productive. On days like this -- when it's all about the work and not about the agency politics, when we're all pulling the cart in the same direction -- that I remember how much I enjoy this job.

I ate lunch at my desk (with the Jacksons and few million others) and didn't work out. Hope I have the energy to haul ass over the health club tonight. That's the only downside to being busy: this old gray mare gets tired.

This is so weird

I'm sitting here, eating a healthy lunch of egg salad and fruit, and watching live coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service. Right here at my desk, through my Mac Book, I'm receiving the live feed from Los Angeles' Staple Center. This mixture of pop culture, technology, and spectacle is just too bizarre.

I hope that, after this massive extravaganza, somehow he can rest in peace.