Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yeah, so?

So during last night's debate, Hillary Clinton finally uttered the name I have been waiting to hear, "Rezko." Antonin Rezko is a staple in the Chicago papers. He's an unsavory character whose federal corruption trial begins next month. He has ties to many Illinois politicans -- including Barack Obama, who represented Rezko in a matter regarding a slum apartment in 1994. The two men have been friends for years and Obama accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Rezko. I believe Obama returned the money, but that's not my point:


So it was Hillary that brought it up. Big fuckin' deal. Someone was going to. Obama simply has to learn how to take a punch. I think this has gotten so much attention because both of these candidates have achieved celebrity status and because we're not accustomed to seeing a woman land such a solid shot to the jaw. But trust me, folks, Rezko is a sleaze, and it's not out of line to question Obama's judgment in getting involved with him.

I've heard comments about how good the Clinton "machine" is, how carefully they scoured Obama's past to find this. Oh puh-leeze! Stories about Antonin Rezko are not hard to find. All you have to do is type the word "Rezko" in the Chicago Tribune's search engine and you find more than two pages' worth of articles.

This is what's bothered me about Obama from the beginning. He ran virtually unopposed for his Senate seat. (His opponent was Alan Keyes, for heaven's sake.) He doesn't appear battle hardened. I hope he toughens up fast.

Please, please resolve the writers' strike!

Some of the Best Actor nominees clean up really well. They also won't cross the picket lines. I do not wish to be deprived of my eye candy. Please give the writers what they want!

Oh yeah, and the writers do seem to be on the right side of this deal. But I never cared until this morning when I heard about both Johnny and George being nominated.

Heads & Tails #14

Today's theme is the 5 senses.

My favorite sight: The sky. I never get tired of the different blues and grays and shades of black it offers up. Then, of course, there are the clouds and stars that punctuate it. I always love to check out the sky.

My favorite sound: Paul McCartney's voice. Since I was a wee one, seated in front of the TV, watching the Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show, Paul has provided the soundtrack of my life.

My favorite taste: Chocolate!

My favorite touch: Fur. But only when it's attached to a warm, living and loving critter. NOT A FUR COAT.

My favorite smell: Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor. Apparently I'm a cult of one, because it was only on the market for a short time. But I snapped it up and hoarded it and enjoy wearing it on special occasions.

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