Sunday, March 01, 2009

I can't believe I'm watching this

What's more, I'm enjoying it. I'm surprised by how likable Joan Rivers is. She's not obnoxious at all, and she's really very smart about people. Tom Green is nicer and more collaborative that I expected, too. Conversely, Andrew Dice Clay is just as unfunny and wretched as I assumed he'd be.

Feeling a little wicked on a Sunday afternoon

So today I was a teeny-tiny bit more productive than yesterday. Instead of going to the movies, I went shopping for boring utilitarian things -- like Charmin and a humidifier filter. Now I'm doing laundry, which I never enjoy. Yet there's a certain spring in my step.

For I went out for lunch and ordered a pear mojito. Yum!

It worries me that I enjoy these reruns

I never watched The Golden Girls when it first aired. I believe it was on Saturday nights, and in those days, I put a great deal of work into never being home on Saturday nights (and in not remembering what I did; it was the 80s). But now, when I catch it on cable, I stop and watch and am usually very amused.

Is it because I now carry an AARP card and had my first colonoscopy? Do I now belong in the picture? While I'm short and carry a big purse, like Sophia, and I suspect that I'm really more like Dorothy ...