Monday, September 22, 2008

They FEEL like necessities!

I have been on a shopping tear lately. If I remember properly, the three prescriptions I picked up on Friday came to about $70. I have no room to complain, since without my insurance they may have cost three times that. It's just ... another $70.

My DVD player broke and I got another one at Sears for just over $100. Buying this made me grumpy, but what was I to do?

On Sunday I bought jeans, a sweater, cologne and a purse. All were on sale and terrific deals, and I could argue that I needed the jeans and sweater and that they will become an integral part of my fall work wardrobe. The purse and cologne ... I just wanted them. This came to $170. That's good for all that I bought, but still, it's $170.

Then there were the Cubs 2008 Central Division Champion tshirts I bought for myself and my nephew. That was $50.

Today I went to The Body Shop for the Vitamin C capsules that contribute to my dewy complexion. I left with a two month supply, as well as bottle of bubble bath and the Shea Body Butter I simply cannot live without! The total for my lunchtime errand: $68.96. It sounds like a lot, but I saved $30.45 by redeeming my "points."

That's about $460 dollars from Friday to Monday. If I have many more weekends like this, I won't be able to afford my own life. None of it seemed extravagant, like when I have indulged in retail therapy as a quick fix for a bad mood. But in this economy, with the news the way it is, I have to look at these things more closely and try to be more disciplined and frugal.

(But it is such a sweet green 9 West satchel, and it was almost half price!)