Monday, August 25, 2008

It was good to see them ... and so sad

Tonight at the DNC, Senator John Kerry played a big role in the Ken Burns video tribute to his colleague, Ted Kennedy. The Boys from Boston, together in their support of the candidacy Barack Obama. I admit, it made me misty.

Ted Kennedy, with his thick mane of white hair thinned at the site of his brain cancer surgery, addressing the DNC, talking about how a torch has once again been passed to a new generation … the work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream goes on. As one who learned from the Kennedy example that public service is each of our responsibility, listening to the now elderly and ailing youngest brother conjure up the Camelot idealism touched me deeply. Gulp.

And there is Senator Kerry, talking about how dedicated Ted Kennedy is to working with "President Barack Obama." If Ohio had broken differently, if those Swiftboat Veterans actually had been interested in truth, tonight we would be discussing the second term of President John Kerry. Even if this wasn't difficult for him, it was very for hard for me. I will always regret that, as a Kerry campaign volunteer, I didn't do more, didn't work harder, didn't do better. He is a wonderful man and he should have won. I think what happened on that November Tuesday four years ago broke my heart in a way that can't ever repaired.

DAY 25 -- August 08 Happiness Challenge

My best friend got back into town early and checked in! He had a good weekend in the mountains with his family, and naturally I'm glad, but I'm even happier that he's back at his desk, available to listen to me. He knows me so well. His first question was: "Have you stopped watching TV and reading the papers yet?" Between the convention and the Cubs (best record in the NL, you know), I am pretty hypnotized by mass media these days.

Another reason to hate Madonna

Gotta give it to old Madge. She has been annoying me more, and longer, than just about any other ubiquitous celebrity. And she's at it again.

As if Barack Obama wasn't having enough trouble regaining his traction after McCain began diminishing him as a mere "celebrity" like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, he now has The Madonna Factor to deal with. For in her new concert tour, she has a short film that compares McCain to murderous dictators, like Hitler.

Way to go, you wretched, selfish nitwit. Now it's going to be just that much harder for Obama to claim to represent and be in sync with the heartland.

I have no problem with performers using their art to express their beliefs. I am 100% in favor of them using current events to inform their art. I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen now and I grew up on John Lennon.

But that's not what the bleached blonde blow-hard is doing. There's no ideology here. She's just trying to distract the public from her (and A Rod's) marital problems by doing something "outrageous." Why couldn't she just tongue kiss Britney again?

There goes $400

That's how much it cost to get my holiday airline reservation from Chicago to Key West fixed. The flight I was originally booked on was cancelled, and the airline put me on a later -- not earlier -- flight. According to their rules and regulations, I can connect in Miami in less than an hour.

Trust me. It cannot be done. Not in Miami, nor in Tampa. When flying out of Chicago in December, we frequently have weather issues which delay take off. When changing planes in either of those airports, it takes longer to get through all the holiday travelers and arrive at the American Eagle gates than the rulers and regulators seem to realize. Combine a later arrival with a distant terminal and this Gal finds herself separated from her checked bag and under a lot of stress as she starts her vacation.

So I switched myself to an earlier flight out of O'Hare and hopefully that $400 will be an investment in peace of mind.

Even better, I hope I forget about the $400 in the hubbub of the holidays. I know better than to argue with the American reservation rep, because she has no choice in the matter, but this really sucks.