Sunday, July 06, 2008

But I want them to!

Look at them. Olivia and Elliott. Benson and Stabler. Hard at work on the other side of the yellow tape. Two dedicated New York city detectives investigating heinous, sexually-based offenses for the Special Victims Unit. But much to my chagrin, the brave cops who form the foundation of Law & Order: SVU will never be rewarded with romance.

That pisses me off because I believe they are in love. Watching today's USA SVU marathon confirms it for me. Sure, I sense sexual chemistry between them (I especially feel it when El loses the jacket and rolls up his sleeves; those arms lead to strong shoulders and a firm, hairy chest, I just know it). But it goes beyond the heat these two generate. They understand one another in a way no one else could because no one else has seen what they have seen. They share a passion and compassion for crime victims. Olivia, because she was born of rape. Elliott, because he's a good father who can imagine the anguish survivors feel.

Oh, I know … they will never act on all this affection and passion. Elliott would never cheat on Kathy and Olivia wouldn't want him to, anyway. Liv and El's lives have become so intertwined that Olivia found herself caring for Elliott's pregnant wife after a car accident, and was there for the birth of their youngest son. Besides, if Olivia and Elliot slept together, they couldn't work together anymore, and they are each other's perfect partner.

Even more relevant, they saw what happened to Moonlighting after Dave and Maddie did it.

Congratulations, Cutie!

Geovany Soto is one of three Cubs named to start at this year's All-Star Game. What an honor for a rookie! And is there a more adorable little pup in the MLB?

Alfonso Soriano was chosen but may not make the game because of that hand injury. Kosuke Fukodome also made it and will start in the outfield. I'm proud of these Cubs but I'm thrilled for Geovany Soto. Hats off to the fans who did the right thing and voted for him.

Look what I found! Guess where I found it.

Got this at Kwizgiver's. She's always got good memes and quizzes. This one is called 90.

1. What was the highlight of your week? Mmmm .... yesterday's massage

2. Whose car were you in last? I don't remember, so it was probably a Chicago cab

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? Gawd, I hope it's soon.

4. What color shirt are you wearing? Still not dressed yet (lazy Gal)

5. How long is your hair? Just past my ears

6. Are you good looking? For a pudgy, middle-aged woman with a zit on her chin

7. Last movie you watched? Jailhouse Rock

8. Who were you with? myself

9. Last thing you ate? I'm eating left-over lasagna right now

10. Last thing you drank? I'm drinking a can of Coke right now

11. When was the last time you had your heart broken? About two years ago

12. Who came over last? A neighbor representing my condo association -- the trees in our parkway have Dutch Elm disease.

13. Are you happy right now? Yes

14. What did you say last? I don't remember

15. Where is your phone? One's on the end table near the front door, the other is on the nightstand in my room

16. What color are your eyes? Green

17. Are you left-handed? No

18. Spell your name without vowels: Gl

19. Do you have any pets? Yes

20. Favorite Vacation? Spa

21. What do you dislike currently? My angry, red zit

22. What are you listening to? Law & Order: SVU

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? A fool-proof overnight remedy for that damn zit

24. What is your favorite scent? SJP Lovely

25. Who makes you happiest? My best friend

26. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping

27. When is your birthday? November 22

28. Who has the same phone as you? No one

29. Last time you went swimming in a pool? Years ago

30. Do you read your horoscope? Only on my birthday

31. Where was the last place you bought something? Border's

32. How do you feel about your hair right now? I'm on my way to liking it

33. Do you bite your nails? Yes

34. Do you have any expensive jewelery? No

35. Do you have any expensive jewelery? Still don't

36. Myspace or facebook? They both annoy me

37. How fast have you driven a car? Don't remember

38. Have you ever smoked? No

39. What was or is your favorite subject in school? Social studies

40. Do you have Verizon? No

41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for? The only common denominator seems to be that they all have/had good hair

42. Do you have any hidden talents? Yes (she wrote, blushing)

43. Favorite Song? It changes. Currently "Heart and Soul" by Marcia Ball

44. Do you like to sing at all? Yes, but I suck at it

45. Dream Job? What I'm doing, but with a little more security. (However, there is no security in advertising/marketing.)

46. Where does most of your family live? A couple towns over

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Siblings

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled? No

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? It's Sunday!

50. Do you drink? Yes

51. Know any other languages? No

52. Ever write a coded message? No

53. Have you ever been IN a wedding? Yes

54. Do you have any children? No

55. Did you take a nap today? No, but I will

56. Who has the same birthday as you? Jamie Lee Curtis

57. Ever met anyone famous before? Yes

58. Do you want to be famous one day? I'd rather be rich

59. Any Pet Peeves? People who smoke right in front of the sign that says "no smoking"

60. Are you multitasking right now? Yes

61. Do you like Britany Spears? Like? No, but I have compassion for her.

62. What is your least favorite chore? LAUNDRY!!!!

63. Last place you drove your car? Don't have a car

64. Ever been out of the country? Yes

65. Where were you born? Elgin

66. Could you handle being in the military? No

67. What is your average cell phone bill? About $50

68. Who are you thinking about right now? My best friend

69. When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard? Talking to my mom

70. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Lots

71. Are your toes always painted? Yes. (Currently Puerto Vallerta Violet)

72. How many piercings do you have? One on each ear

73. What are you doing today? Law and Order SVU marathon! Cubs vs. St. Louis! (Sitting on the couch)

74. Have you ever been gambling? Yes

75. When is the last time you updated your page? More than a week ago

76. Do you like rollercoasters? Yes

77. Have you ever been to disneyland or world? Yes

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Stimpy

79. Last thing you cooked? I don't cook, but I do reheat. (This leftover lasagna)

80. How's the weather? About 80º and sunny

81. Do you e-mail? Yes

82. What's the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? Nothing

83. Last time you were sick? A migraine a few weeks ago

84. What states have you lived in? Illinois

85. Do you wish you could move? To a new condo? Yes. Away from Chicagoland? Hell, no!

86. Do you take a lot of quizzes? Yes

87. What is your dream car? One with a driver

88. Have you ever wanted someone you cant have? Oh, yes

89. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be? The Garden and Commons in Boston

90. Are you happy with your life? Yes