Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Want Wednesday

This week's question is:

What type of charity do you want to run?

I would love to care for stray and feral cats. On winter days like this one, I worry about them sooooo much. Is it hard for them to navigate on short kitty legs through the deep snow? Where will they find food? How do they stay warm? (Oh, please don't crawl up under the car hoods!)

Also, while I can be very, very short-tempered with bipeds, I am somehow endlessly patient with critters. So in a perfect world, this would be my calling.

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Another year, another spa

I have booked my spring spa getaway. In previous years I have traveled to Chateau Elan in Atlanta, and I enjoyed it completely. But this year I am experimenting with a destination that marries my love of pampering and alone time with my love of American history.

This spring I'm headed to Colonial Williamsburg. I'll be staying at the Williamsburg Lodge and have two spa sessions booked. When I'm not being massaged and exfoliated and moisturized, I'll be out looking at "History on Display" in the nearby museums or indulging in retail therapy in the array of shops, all within walking distance.

Not that Chateau Elan wasn't wonderful -- it was! It's just so very expensive. I suspect I'll find it more relaxing to luxuriate in slightly less pricey surroundings. Plus it would be good for me to spend time getting to know a President who isn't Abe.

But I sooooooo want this!

I made a 2010 resolution not to buy any more books. It made sense at the time, since I have a knee-high TBR pile. (That's literal, not an exaggeration.) But Game Change just sounds so damn fascinating. The Clinton marriage continues to keep me hypnotized. It would be nice to read an account of the Edwards marriage written by legit journalists. The Palin/McCain shotgun "marriage" of sorts sounds like a train wreck that needs to be chronicled. And maybe I can finally figure out what made Obama the Candidate so much more compelling than Obama the President.

I want it, I want it, I want!

Will I be able to resist?