Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #68 -- Playing with iTunes PlayCount


I admit two things about this week's TT:

(1) I stole this idea from Stephen King’s column in a back issue of Entertainment Weekly. He inspired me to go to my iTunes Library and view the songs not by artist, or genre or playlist, but by number of plays.

(2) I’m surprised by which songs had the biggest numbers. God, I’m such a sap! I have Aerosmith and Amy Winehouse on my iPod, really I do! But the numbers don’t lie, and these are the songs I listen to most regularly.

1. I Will. The Beatles White Album. Who knows how long I’ve loved you? I know I love you still. Shall I wait a lonely lifetime? If you want me to, I will.

2. More than You Know. Barbra Streisand. Funny Lady Soundtrack. More than you know, man of heart I love you so. Lately I find you’re on my mind more than you know.

3. The Right Thing to Do. Carly Simon. Best of Carly Simon. There’s nothing you can do to turn me away, Nothing anyone can say. You’re with me now and as long as you stay, loving you is the right thing to do.

4. This Could Take All Night. Amanda Marshall. Tin Cup Soundtrack. Baby, don’t be afraid, a little work won’t hurt your back. But just in case I’m wrong, you’ll be smiling when they pronounce you dead.

5. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind? The Delfonics. Top Hits of the 70s. I gave my heart and soul to you, Girl. Didn’t I do it, Baby? Didn’t I do it, Baby?

6. Real Love. Doobie Brothers. Rock on 1980. Well we’ve both lived long enough to know that we’d trade it all right now for just one moment of real love.

7. September. Earth, Wind and Fire. Do you remember the 21st of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders while chasing the clouds away.

8. Smoke from a Distant Fire. John Townsend. The Road Leads Home. I know where you’re going to, I knew when you came home last night with your eyes all amist from the smoke of a distant fire.

9. This Love. Maroon 5. Pictures of Jane. This love is taking its toll on me. She said goodbye too many times before.

10. She Loves You. The Beatles. Past Masters, Vol. 1. Pride can hurt you, too. Apologize to her, because she loves you, and you know that can’t be bad. She loves you, and you know you should be glad.

11. Up the Ladder to the Roof. The Supremes. Come with me and we’ll run across the sky and illuminate the night.

12. Shameless. Garth Brooks. Roping the Wind. I’m shameless when it comes to loving you. I’ll do anything you ask me to. I’ll do anything at all.

13. Bell Bottom Blues. Eric Clapton. The Cream of Clapton. Give me one more day, please. I don’t want to fade away. In your heart I want to stay.

Now go view the songs on your iPod or MP3 player by play count,
check out your top 13 …
and let me know if the content surprises you, too.

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