Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Movie Meme

This week's movie topic is all about Your Childhood Favorite...

For me, it's all about her. Julie Andrews.

Back in my long-ago childhood, movies opened at "selected theaters," (around here, that meant downtown Chicago) played there for a while, and then finally made their way to the suburbs. My first-ever movie theater experience was also my first-ever trip into the city. It was to see Mary Poppins. I not only loved the movie, I loved going downtown and the whole experience of seeing a movie in the theater. I still remember the curtains parting a little and the lights going down a bit for the coming attractions ... then the lights went dark and the curtain revealed the entire big screen ... and there it was, the skyline of London. I really was transported to a magic place.

Not long afterward, my Scout troop rented a bus and drove us downtown to see her again. Julie Andrews had gone from nanny to novice for The Sound of Music. I still associate Julie with only good things.

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