Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poetry, ain't it?

"Frankly, I am over all of them. They stink. But Hillary will pull ahead soon, when she gets out her bag of dirty tricks. It won't be long, hang on!"

That is a comment, in its entirety and completely in context, that I discovered on a serious, thoughtful blog entry about the Democratic Presidential candidates. The only revisions were to the commenter's grammar, which was, frankly, atrocious.

Was this meant to be funny?  There are no puns, no witticisms, no sly double meanings. Nope. It's just pure vitriol, and it makes me sad. There's so much on the line with this election, no candidates have been chosen, and yet this commenter is dismissing all the top-tier Dems with that most convincing of arguments: "They stink."

I don't think all the Republicans "stink." I can't imagine a circumstance where I would vote for Huckabee or McCain, but I respect both men. I'm amazed by how proud some on the other side of the fence are to proclaim how hostile and narrow-minded they are.

I am completely besotted with the top tier of the Democratic candidates, yet I've read that many rank-and-file Republicans aren't crazy about their choices. This is where the commenter above reminds me of a Chicago White Sox fan. "White Sox Park (US Cellular) is ugly. Our uniforms are ugly. Our team had a disappointing season. It's miserable to be a White Sox fan, so I hate the Cubs."

I'd say that the Iowa caucus and this election are more important than Chicago baseball, but if you're a regular reader of this blog, you might not believe me.

P.S. The commenter is so close minded that she doesn't even know that Hillary has already reached into her "bag of dirty tricks" to cast aspersions on Obama through Bill Shaheen and Bob Kerrey. (The Gal shakes her head) How can someone be so PROUD to be hostile and narrow minded?