Sunday, September 21, 2008

DAY 21 -- September Fitness Challenge

Walked my full 10,000 steps, which entitles me to move the exericon at the bottom of the page. I also have resisted temptation mightily -- opting for Cheerios for breakfast instead of pancakes at the coffee shop. I have to act as cheerleader for myself here, as I bought jeans today and am sad and disgusted to report I'm still a size 14.

But, since I woke up to find it wasn't just a dream and the Cubs truly have clinched it, I was able to easily shake off the blues and stay focused.

Sunday Stealing #4

Sunday Stealing: The "All About Me" Meme

Complete each sentence.

I am: a Cubs fan!

I think: therefore, I am a Cubs fan.

I know: finishing this meme isn't the best use of my time right now, but I'm doing it anyway.

I have: many chores to do today.

I wish: that when I check my lottery numbers, I'll find I won.

I hate: it when I'm moody.

I miss: my best friend.

I fear: being poor and vulnerable when I'm old.

I hear: the air conditioner humming.

I smell: nice and clean because I just got out of the shower.

I crave: unprintable for a G-rated blog.

I search: using Google.

I wonder: what she's doing tonight. (An old pop song by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.)

I regret: very little.

I love: my cats. They are so cute and content.

I ache: around my shoulders. I need a nice, deep tissue massage.

I am not: physically fit.

I believe: in God and country.

I dance: infrequently.

I sing: in the shower.

I cry: even less often than I dance.

I fight: fair.

I win: at Scrabble.

I lose: at Black Jack.

I never: drink coffee.

I always: use moisturizer.

I confuse: "effect" and "affect."

I listen: to the Oldies Station in the shower.

I can usually be found: at the keyboard.

I am scared: of flying. Or, more specifically, crashing.

I need: a new cable box so I can hook up my new DVD player!

I am happy about: the Cubs. (Go, Cubs, Go!)

I imagine: myself completely happy.