Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm embarrassingly low-tech

More than a month ago, my ancient DVD/VCR player broke and I got a new one. It couldn't be hooked up to my retro cable box, so I went to Comcast and picked up a new one. I still couldn't figure out how to hook it up. So today I went to Circuit City and explained my plight. I was told that I didn't need a new TV, which was a relief because I like my current little TV. It works well and it fits perfectly atop the cabinet and I may be unemployed soon so I don't feel like spending money on a new set.

After looking at the DVD/VCR instruction booklet I showed him, the gentleman at Circuit City sold me some kind of connector thingie for about $40. I got home and fiddled and played and thought I was following the directions, and still can't get the three components to work in perfect harmony. If I want to watch DVDs on my TV (as opposed to on my laptop), I'll have to have Comcast come out and try to make sense of it.

I predict it will take the Comcast tech about 5 minutes and I'll feel very stupid.