Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to a select group, Carlos!

I love the Cubs. Sometimes I love the individual players so much that I don't care if they win or lose. I forgive a middling performance on the field if it looks like a player is doing his best. I would never, ever boo a Cub.

In short, I am every Cub player's dream fan.

And yet, the warmest emotion I can muster for Carlos Zambrano is antipathy.

He stunk up the Cell yesterday. OK, whatever. Some days even the best pitcher just doesn't have his stuff. That I can forgive.

I cannot forgive beaning two White Sox players and throwing a wild pitch. Just a month after he earned a suspension for throwing a tantrum when a call didn't go his way.

This is the man who has not only beaten up the Gatorade cooler and broken bats over his knee, he slugged his own catcher a few years back. Aside from showing appalling sportsmanship, he could have hurt himself with any one of those childish displays.

Carlos is a diva who is not about the team, he is about Carlos.

He has now entered the exclusive pantheon of Cubs I really dislike. In fact, today Zambrano is very close to surpassing Todd Hundley for sole possession of second place. However, it's doubtful he will ever even tie Dave Kingman. God, I hated that guy ...

But I digress.

Please, Lou, please ... Someone needs to kick Zambrano's ass and you're wearing the cleats that can do it.


My best friend remains completely incommunicado, except to tell me he is too busy to talk. I do not believe him. No one is busy 24/7.

He did this about this time two summers ago, and I was miserable with worry. I recognize there are some issues in his life (specifically, his marriage) that he's not comfortable discussing with me. That's not only his right, I think it's best. I don't belong in his marriage and hearing about it makes me uneasy so my responses would, quite possibly, be insensitive and flip. Last time it took him a couple months to re-emerge and I was lonely and miserable. I'm trying not to let that happen again.

But I am worried about him and I miss him so. I wish he would just tell me what's up -- topline, no details required. It would be easier for me to be understanding if I understood.