Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a difference a year makes

Last year at this time, as a horrific Cubs season slowly creaked to a close, we fans comforted ourselves with a game of "if only." Most particularly, "if only Wood and Prior had been healthy …"

No such wistful musings this year. Now the great debate is different. We can only have two catchers on the post-season roster. Which two?

• Henry Blanco, last year's mainstay, who is slowing regaining his skills after dealing with a herniated disk in his neck.
• Jason Kendall, who has made the transition from the AL to the NL and has become a real asset.
• Geovany Soto, just recalled from Iowa (and making Lou proud of that decision).

I'm pulling for Kendall and Soto, but Blanco is a terrific guy, too. What a great problem is this to have!

Unconscious Mutterings #10

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Rita :: Moreno
  2. Comedy :: Drama
  3. Polar :: Bear
  4. Idiots :: Rude people
  5. Perception :: vs. Reality
  6. Infected :: Cut
  7. Fake :: Phony
  8. Relating :: Connecting
  9. Distraction :: What occupies me instead of what I SHOULD be doing
  10. Gamble :: Risk
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