Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Idol Observation

Let me preface my comments by stating plainly:

Hated it back then, hate it now.

So I expected to hate "Disco Night" on American Idol. WRONG!

Four of this year's contestants took disco songs and made them palatable, even ENJOYABLE!

Kris was a true original and a pleasant surprise. Allison was a tough cookie with an edge. Danny and Adam were, again, the best. Nothing new there. But this is the first time I'd give the night to Danny. Strictly personal preference, because I like "September" and thought he did it justice, while Adam's slow and passionate "If I Can't Have You" just seemed to emphasize how redundant the lyrics are.

Lil's going home. Who will leave with her? I guess Matt or maybe Anoop. If it's Kris or Allison, I predict the judges will be sorry they used their one "save" last week.

Two personal calls from work

A fairly steady of stream of work has made its way into my office today. And that's a good thing, since I'm interested in keeping this job. But the best things that happened today at work have nothing to do with work.

My best friend is in town! We won't get to see each other because after spending the day in the Chicago office, he is being driven out to the far western burbs, near where his boss lives, and then tomorrow at dawn they are driving together out to Cincinnati. (Welcome to business travel in the Recession: hotels are cheaper in the way western burbs, and driving to Cincy in one car is cheaper than airfare for two.) Still, we enjoyed a lively conversation as he took a cab from the airport to the Chicago office. I didn't expect to be able to connect with him at all and it was a lovely surprise. Everything makes more sense after I talk to him. Hopefully his boss won't insist they have dinner together tonight so my friend will have time to chat with me tonight, too.

My mother did her own laundry! Now this is big news because her laundry room is downstairs in the basement. That's 11 stairs. She made the trip up and down those stairs 5 times in the course of washing and drying. Just a few days ago, that would have been impossible.