Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Magic Number is 11

A 1-run victory is still a victory, which means that the Boys in Blue will go off on their unscheduled two days off as winners.

Kerry Wood was the closer, and naturally, I called out words of encouragement to him via my TV. Somehow my big ol' tomcat Joey interpreted "C'mon, Kerry Wood" as "Squeeze your massive feline body up against mine and watch the end of the game with me." While I didn't invite him onto the sofa with me, Joey was gentle, comforting company for those last 3, nerve-wracking outs.

We don't like Ike

Hurricane Ike is responsible for the postponement of Friday's and Saturday's Cubs/Astros games. I can't recall such a thing ever happening before (which highlights one of the things I like best about baseball: it's steeped in tradition and everything has happened before). I'm not pleased about it because the end of this season has been maddening and the sooner it's behind us and the Cubs are in the play-offs, the better.

I hope that all the Texans effected come through Ike OK. Especially the kind folks at the Houston SPCA. I remember that, after Katrina, the Houston SPCA was tireless in helping the lost and the homeless animals of New Orleans. Here's hoping that all the good karma they accumulated will help protect them from Ike.

DAY 11 -- September Fitness Challenge

No time for a workout, so I am left to burnish my healthy living halo by reporting my nutritious lunch choices. I really wanted the juicy bbq spare ribs from Panda Express. But instead, I went down to the buffet and chose roast turkey. For dessert, I had fruit salad. And I'm bound and determined NOT to give in to my craving for a Nestle Crunch Bar!