Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I'm dreaming of

When I'm traveling and people find out I'm from Chicago, they say, "Sorry about those rough winters." Oh puh-leeze! On a day like this, when it's 90º and humid, when everyone is surly, when you're stuck on a bus with minimal air conditioning, seated behind a smelly slob named Michael (I read the tattoo on his neck) who is sprawled across two seats, the Chicago in this photo looks delightful. The only downside is no Cubs baseball.

August Happiness -- Tuesday 7

This one was rough, because today has been rather sucky. (I'm tempted to provide a litany of all that sucked, but that kinda defeats the point of this challenge, doesn't it?) But here's something today that made me happy …

My CVS Giftcard. I got it for switching a prescription, and it really came in handy today. For some reason I'm broke this pay period, and I'm really trying to stay within my budget. And, as luck would have it, this week is the only week that our office building is collecting school supplies. I love donating school supplies because I believe it takes a village to raise a child and that the children are our future … I truly believe all those sentimental phrases are absolutely true. So it made me happy to use my CVS card to pay for crayons, pens and a composition book. (I only got one because, while the public school requested them, they're really ugly and crayons are so much more fun.)

I might as well just have a hot dog

Back in April, I realized that I looked like a fat pigeon. So I began working out more. In addition to visiting the gym more, I've upped my cardio and added a couple of weight machines to my routine. I have actually begun eating salad, which I most emphatically hate, and have tried to substitute my daily chocolate fix with yogurt or fruit.

So here we are, four months later. Today at lunch, when I looked at my reflection in the store window, guess who looked back at me. Yeah, it was the lady on the right again!

I'm trying not to be completely demoralized, instead remembering all the good I've done my heart, lungs, bones and digestive system. But I also gave in and stopped at America's Dog because, well, what the hell. And now I'm off to get a Snickers. I'll have salad tonight.

Tina's Tuesdays #3

Topic: Mystery Island

If you got stranded on an island...

  1. Who would you like for a companion? My best friend
  2. What item couldn't you live without? My iPod
  3. What would be your fear on the island? If it's a tropical island: sunburn! I'm a very pale gal.
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