Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It was hope vs. fear, and HOPE TRIUMPHED

Barack Obama ran a masterful campaign that centered on change. Not smaller government, not bigger government, but more effective government. But change can be scary, and so he was demonized. I'm not sure how much of this crap can be laid at McCain's feet, even though it certainly was spread and even embraced by many of his supporters.

Psst! Obama "pals around with domestic terrorists," like William Ayers. Never mind that the rumor is just that, nor that in addition to Joe the Plumber, Senator McCain pals around with another Plumber -- the unrepentant former convict, G. Gordon Liddy.

Psst! Instead of backing Israel, Obama supports a radical Palestinian named Rashid Khalidi. Never mind that not only is this not true, but John McCain supported Khalidi's foundation financially.

Psst! Michele Obama is an elitist bitch who dined on lobster at the Waldorf Astoria! I don't understand why ordering lobster makes her elitist, but never mind. It never happened.

I could list more, but I'll only give myself a headache. Also, I want to make it clear that I don't know for a fact that these smears actually originated with McCain.

The thing of it is, though -- the American public heard the spooky, ugly whispers and rejected them.

We voted FOR one candidate
instead of
AGAINST the other one.

We listened to soaring rhetoric and took it to heart. We allowed ourselves to have faith that we can come together, can reconcile, and move the country forward. We want to believe that we can have a strong but respectful presence in the rest of the world.

I was genuinely inspired by the crowd I was in last night. In the 40 years since we lost Dr. King and Robert Kennedy, in the same Grant Park was the site of the miserable 1968 Democratic Convention riots, we came together to peacefully celebrate the election of a man who embodies our desire to change and our belief that we can make tomorrow better.


Proud of my country and VERY proud of my city

It was my distinct privilege to be in this integrated, peaceful, friendly and overwhelmingly positive crowd last night.