Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Me, me, all about me!

Had a rough day at work. It's tough to have responsibility but no power. A project that shouldn't be that hard at all was a real bitch. I learned that my boss can't make the presentation so I'm doing the whole thing in his place, and I'm not exactly tickled about it. I'm glad the client likes me, it's always good discover ways I'm valuable to the agency, but this means Thursday is going to be one long-ass day! As 5 became 6 and then 6:15, and I realized that no matter how much I did tonight, Wednesday and Thursday are going to suck, it struck me -- I either need a drink or a massage. I dug out my address book and called the spa at my health club. They close at 9:00, but they could squeeze me in at 7:30.

God bless 'em!

As soon as I got off the train, I raced home, grabbed my health club membership card and made it to the club almost in time. And then I settled in a for a most lovely massage. She paid special attention to my aching feet and my shoulders. I felt like an all-new girl.

As I left, I saw the sign at Five Guys Burgers flashing "OPEN" and, even though I shouldn't take in the extra calories, I couldn't resist. I must have been radiating good vibes because the fry guy at Five Guys insisted I take fries I didn't order. Honest. I don't know why he decided I needed free fries, but he did and so I had some.

What a nice "me" evening! Leaves me loose, relaxed and ready to face another day.

Ten on Tuesday

10 Guilty Pleasures

1. The Nancy Grace Show
2. US Magazine
3. Hot Tamales cinnamon candies
4. America's Next Top Model Obsessed marathons
5. Twitter
6. The Cat Who … mysteries
7. Pogo.com
8. The Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy songs on my iPod
9. Five Guys cheeseburgers
10. Memes