Wednesday, August 12, 2009

09 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 12

Wednesday. My cellphone. I've finally got the hang of it! I worked late, and on the train ride home I checked my voicemail, my email and the Cub score (though the less we say about that, the better). I may be among the least tech-savvy people I know, but in this round of Gal vs. Machine, I reign supreme! (Though my DVD player is still mocking me ...)

It could mean everything, anything, or nothing

My boss (Mr. Big, shown at right) spent an hour behind closed doors with his boss (Fearless Leader). It's self-appraisal time again, so this caused me concern. I'm probably being silly. But since my office is only a couple doors down from Fearless Leader's, I can't help but notice.

Somebody misses her endorphin rush

I haven't been able to work out at lunchtime this week, and I've been too damn lazy to go in the evenings. Something's got to give, because I'm getting very short tempered. It's not hormones or depression, it's just plain grumpiness because I miss exercising.

Well, imagine that! I miss exercising! Isn't that something!