Friday, February 08, 2008

I guess I'm the muscle around here

I got in this morning and my boss told me about new revisions we needed to get out ASAP. Noon would be nice. Definitely before eod. I knew I could handle my portion of the program, but I was concerned about my art director partner. She doesn't always handle stress especially well and we already had other deliverables scheduled. I explained to my boss that I didn't see how this was doable for her. He said, "Oh, I asked her already and she said it wouldn't be hard."

Naturally now she's freaking out. "I'm slammed," she says, shaking her head. "I wish they would set priorities for me." "It would be nice if I had time to do a good job."

I pointed out to her that I tried to get the date moved to Monday, but she told our boss it wouldn't be hard. "What do you want me to do now?" I asked. She just welled up. I felt a real tear onslaught coming on, so I skedaddled.

I told my boss that it was, indeed, impossible to do today and why. An agreeable chap, he said he would talk to the client and explain that we would send out all the copy revisions, but for the new graphics, we'd appreciate it if we could have another day so we could do the level of work they deserve. Our client is also very, very nice and I expect they will say Monday is fine.

But this means that once again, I was her "muscle." Bad cop to her good cop. No wonder I came up as Christina on the Grey's Quiz. I either have to stop speaking up for her, or not resent her when I do.