Wednesday, November 28, 2007

THURSDAY THIRTEEN #43 -- About a Blog …


I’m hooked on stats! The ones that follow are from Statcounter, Technorati and Blogger. I realize that keeping up with these stats is the geeky, silly, self-obsessed blogger equivalent of Googling oneself, but I can’t help it.

1. My Technorati “authority rank” (the number of blogs that link back to this one) is an even 80.

2. 23% of my visitors are from outside the United States.

3. Most international visitors come to my humble posts from Canada, but I have had five hits from the United Arab Emirates.

4. The visitor who found me over the greatest distance was from Queensland, Australia. Alas, that blogger never returned. (I’m sorry for whatever it is I did or said that offended you! Please come back!)

5. Domestically, I’ve had hits from all 50 states, but I am not exactly hitsville in Delaware. Only one blogger from Delaware has stopped by, and that person left immediately. (After only 1 second.)

6. The keyword used most often (14 times) to find this blog is “Nailah Franklin.” Ms. Franklin is the local woman whose death this past autumn touched me so. I have posted about her 3 times to date.

7. Thursday Thirteens bring me a lot of interaction. The post that earned the most comments (46) was my recent TT on “Tearjerkers.”

8. The oldest post that still attracts folks is my Thursday Thirteen from back in July – “13 women I want to hang with in Heaven.”

9. According to my own labels, I love memes and … BASEBALL!

10. Of my 90+ baseball posts, more than half have highlighted my beloved, future Hall of Famer (and now Padre), Greg Maddux. This surprised me. I thought I was more purely Cub-obsessed.

11. The famous person who has received the next most mentions is Paul McCartney. This does not surprise me. I’ve been in love with him since I was 6 years old.

12. Those little Adsense ads have earned me a princely $10.83 to date. I’m cashing out my 401(k)!

13. And now, in a public display of gratitude, I want to thank the following bloggers for honoring me with awards:

• “Be the Blog” and “The Friend Award” from Misty Blue
• “You Make the Smile Award” from Lori
• “Blogging Star,” “Sweet Treat” and “Community Blogger” awards from Alison
• “Nice Matters” and “Sweet as a Candied Apple” Award from Kwizgiver
• “Smile Award” from Tina
• “Thoughtful Blogger Award” from Mo
• “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” from Gabriella Hewitt

Just because I don’t display these awards all the time doesn’t mean that I don’t catalog, appreciate and remember them. When I began this silly thing, it was merely an online journal. How nice to enjoy back-and-forth with readers! I’m a very lucky blogger.

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