Thursday, March 25, 2010

If only ...

If only my TV Boyfriend was my real boyfriend. Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS wouldn't let anyone screw with me. And I wouldn't have any more sleepless nights. Well, at least not because of stress.

This was a first

After a very long, very unpleasant meeting yesterday -- literally hours of finger pointing -- I was wrung out and exhausted. One of my coworkers, previously mentioned in this blog for her insistence on being adversarial, continued the meeting, one-on-one, again today.

Now I know I only have 10 days until vacation. I know I may have an even shorter tenure at this agency, if the rumors of a "bloodbath" are accurate. But I cannot take this from her another moment. It isn't professional. It's isn't fair. It's not right.

So I went to my boss' office and told him I was not coming in tomorrow. And that when I come in on Monday, she better understand that this particular conversation between us is over. If she continues to beat this dead horse with me, I am going to her boss.

He asked me for details. He spoke to another member of the creative team who has been a witness of all this, and then told me to go home. He'd see me Monday.

I feel good. I feel like myself again. I stood up for myself and refused to be a victim.

But I also feel wicked, naughty. I have never done anything like this before. Should I feel guilty if I enjoy this free long weekend?

Channeling Jackie

When I was a little girl, one of my Girl Scout leaders warned me about wishing my life away, day dreaming about the future so much and so often that I don't enjoy today.

Good advice, for sure, unless you really wouldn't be enjoying today anyway

Today was a rough, rough day at work. I am sad about my uncle. My best friend is incommunicado, luxuriating in the 79ยบ warmth of this Acapulco night (I checked).

I am weary in mind and spirit. Yet it's 4:15 AM and I can't sleep. I just wish I could sleep -- and sleep non-stop for the next 11 days. Then I could wake up and find myself heading to Colonial Williamsburg and monitoring how the Cubs are doing on their first game of the season.

But tomorrow I have to go back to the office and be professional, even as though around me aren't.

So tomorrow I'll spend the day asking myself, "What would Jackie do?"And I know the answer. JBKO would just put on her sunglasses and keep going.