Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September Fitness Challenge

Day 2. 35 minutes of cardio followed by leg presses and leg curls. It'll be close, I admit, but I just might stay within my calorie intake goal today, too!

I Saw Her Standing There

OK, she wasn't standing. She was walking toward me up the street, but too involved with her cell phone conversation to recognize me. She's a former coworker of mine, one I haven't seen in more than 10 years. She'd be in her middle 50s now.

She was reed thin, in denim from head to toe (including her bedazzled jeans). Her long, straight hair was very thin (was that scalp peering through?) and she had circles around her eyes.

Is it evil, or conceited, to say plainly right here that I am glad I look better than she does? Please say it's OK. It doesn't happen often.

"I Want" Wednesday

This week's question is:

What meal do you want at this very instant?

I just had lunch, so I'm not hungry. But I am craving something cinnamon-y. And warm. Comfort food. So let's say a gi-normous bowl of oatmeal with warm cinnamon apple slices. Since it's my fantasy, I'll sprinkle EXTRA cinnamon on top, too! Just to make sure I have more sugar coursing through my system than anyone needs, I'll take a Coke with that.

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