Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Saw Her Standing There

OK, she wasn't standing. She was walking toward me up the street, but too involved with her cell phone conversation to recognize me. She's a former coworker of mine, one I haven't seen in more than 10 years. She'd be in her middle 50s now.

She was reed thin, in denim from head to toe (including her bedazzled jeans). Her long, straight hair was very thin (was that scalp peering through?) and she had circles around her eyes.

Is it evil, or conceited, to say plainly right here that I am glad I look better than she does? Please say it's OK. It doesn't happen often.


  1. It's perfectly fine.

  2. there are days we just need to feel better....then some one helps us !!!
    we all do it ....

  3. (Blogger comments are being very finicky, it seems)

    Miss "Love and Light Central" (or maybe the devil in all her disguises) says: you're fine because you are self aware enough to know it's about you and not her. That's the kicker.