Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THURSDAY THIRTEEN #52 -- Sites to cybershop


I love shopping from my laptop! Point, click, buy. Then, within days, one of the nice young men from the mailroom shows up in my doorway with a package. There is no easier way to treat myself to a little retail therapy.

Here are my 13 favorites. Now may be a good time to visit them because, after a dismal holiday season, you may find some bargains. If you have a favorite I don’t know about, please share. 

(No, this isn't a pay-per-post entry; to prove that I get nothing for mentioning these sites, I haven't included links from my blog.)

1) Perpetual Kid. My new favorite for wacky, silly stuff. If ever you find you need a monkey key ring or a bottle of Play Doh-scented cologne, go to

2) Amazon. My first and most enduring online shopping love affair. They sell just about everything now, but I still prefer them for books, music, DVDs and computer games. Also, if Amazon itself doesn't have something in stock, I'm not crazy about ordering from "these sellers." However, that's a small quibble about a site I truly loooove.

3) eBags. Purses! Laptop cases! Luggage! I love the wide range of choices they offer, and how often the merchandise turns over. The prices are good, but they get even better on return visits when you use your "thanks for shopping with us" coupon.

4) After you choose from just about every kind of cosmetic available, you get to select a couple free samples. And they send your stuff in lovely drawstring bags. 

5) Overstock. Books, clothes, linens, electronics … it’s all here, and the shipping cost is always $2.95. I can spend forever on this site. 

6) Just Give. Just there today! A friend of mine has a birthday coming up, and she asked me not to buy her a gift. Sorry, unacceptable to this Gal, who loves gifting. So I found a loophole in her request and went to I bought her a gift certificate that she can then donate to one of a million participating charities.  (

7) Sundance. My favorite jewelry is here. This is where I got my fabulous green hooded jacket, too. The stuff Sundance sells is unique and they always have neat stuff in their "clearance" section. It's also a great place to shop for gifts. (Just bought my mom a birdhouse that I'll give her for Mother's Day.)

8) Zappos. A tremendous selection of shoes and bags and belts, etc., at great prices, with reasonable shipping/handling rates.

9) One Hanes Place. I am very particular about my underwear. I have my style, I like my style, and that’s that. One Hanes Place always has exactly what I’m looking for (though the shipping costs are kinda steep).

10) Expedia. I like this one better than Orbitz, Travelocity or Priceline. No particular reason. I just do.

11) ebay. Because it’s ebay! For cosmetics, collectibles and gifts, this is my first stop. 

12) Peapod. Laundry detergent, 12-packs of Coke, jugs of cat litter … Every prohibitively heavy item on my grocery list is at my fingertips. Best of all, it’s delivered directly to my front door.

13) Just about everything you can find at a brick and mortar drugstore. With their weekly specials and free shipping on orders over $50, it’s as affordable as shopping in a drugstore and waaay more convenient.

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"So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night …

… I hate to go and leave this pretty sight."

If I sound like I'm being flip about the end of John Edwards' campaign, I'm not. First of all, I love The Sound of Music, so invoking it is a sign of affection. Secondly, I am drawn to his populist message and will miss hearing him speaking up and fighting the good fight in the next debate. Thirdly, I am an enormous fan of his wife. Elizabeth Edwards' story has touched me deeply, and I will miss seeing her.

But I'll also miss the way his blue ties played up his blue eyes … and yes, that shiny, touchable hair … and that moonlight and magnolias accent. It's always kinda creeped me out to be this hot for a possible President. I mean, lusting after the President just seems so wrong. But now I guess I'm freed from that and can fantasize away.

If I ruled the world …

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