Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Titled "Survey Addicts Anonymous"

So clearly Kwizgiver meant it for me!

Do you wear slippers? No

How many pictures are in your living room? 5

Do you wear a bra to bed at night? No

Do you ever watch Brady Bunch reruns? I have

Are you allergic to anything? Bee stings, morphine and erythromycin

When was the last time you called in sick? A week ago Friday (I was celebrating Mammogram Day)

Have you ever been in a car accident? No

What is your favorite snack food? It changes. Currently Cheez-It

Do you think you have a big butt? Everyone thinks I have a big butt

Would you like to look like your mom when you are her age? Sure

Have you ever seen a tornado? No

Do you think Barack Obama is sexy? No (It's the ears; besides, I think it would be ooky to be hot for the President)

If you won a million dollars, what would you buy first? Pay off my mortgage

What time is it right now? 4:59

Are you pregnant? No

Have you ever been pregnant? No

Do you like men who wear pink shirts and flip-flops? Together? At once? I'm reserving judgment till I see it

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 11 fewer than before I dropped those bags off Goodwill last Saturday

Do you think you are a hypocondriac? No

Do you own a dictionary? Yes

Where was the last place you went on vacation? Atlanta

Do you talk about your friends behind their back? Yes

Are you actually fat but are in complete denial about it? Yes

What color is your mouse pad? Don't use one

Does your kitchen have a theme? No

Do you like to mow the yard? I don't have a yard

Are you addicted to using Febreze? Addicted? No. Though I am a frequent/chronic user.

What is your ring size? 9

When was the last time you consumed alcohol? Last night

Do you know someone who gets food stamps? I don't think so

Do you have a basement in your home? No

Are you still in love with 1 of your exes? Yes. I don't stop loving people just because we've moved on.

Any big plans for the summer? No

What is your favorite comfort food? Pasta. Cheesey pasta

Do you prefer broccoli or asparagus? Asparagus

What color are your bedroom walls? Blue

Who do you live with? Joey, Charlotte and Rey

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite? I only saw the first one

How about Harry Potter? Never read the books, never saw the movies

What was the last movie you saw in theatres? I'm seeing SATC tonight!

Did you get the popcorn or the candy? Yes

What is the most romantic text in your inbox? I don't have any

Have you ever played miniature golf on a date? Yes

What's a phrase you overuse? Probably includes the word "fuck"

Where do you buy most of your shoes? I am very fair and spread the wealth

Do you always use good grammer? Usually

Do you have an accent or a speach impediment? I speak with broad, nasal a's and lisp slightly

What did you eat today? QP w/cheese

What do you do at work? Sell shit through the mail

Do you know the rules to any sports? Yes

Do you prefer to watch or play sports? Yes

What is your favorite kind of hat to wear? None

Do you pray? Of course

Who do you pray to? Jesus

What is the closest mountain to your house? I don't know

When is the next time you will move? When I'm drooling and ready to be institutionalized

Isn't there something better you could be doing right now? Yes

Is there anything good on TV? Always!

Does your significant other have a myspace? I don't have one

What is your dream marriage proposal? Hmmmm ... coming up blank here

What are your nicknames and who gave them to you? Most recent ones are from my friend, Chad.

How often do you wear jewelery? Daily

What size engine is in your vehicle? I don't have a vehicle

What do you need to do tomorrow? Groceries and/or laundry

Who do you hope never to see again? Like Beetlejuice, I believe it's better not to say his name

Which friend of yours lives the farthest away? My best friend