Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Look who's back!

Yes, I'm aware we lost. I watched the entire game, even after I knew we would lose (I wanted to see Glavine hug his wife, kids, mom and dad after he achieved #300). And naturally I'm heartsick about poor Alfonso Soriano. But that doesn't mitigate my joy at seeing Kerry Wood return to the mound.

He looked strong, slim and very focused. The loyal fans at Wrigley gave him an amazing welcome, and with every pitch the night was punctuated with camera flashes. It's good to know the city is behind him.

And with that happy, happy observation, this ol' gal is going to bed.

August Happiness -- August 4 and 5

This weekend, this made me happy ...

Saturday, August 4
-- Coffee shop breakfasts. Saturdays are always hectic as I bounce from grocery store to post office to bank to the vet. When I'm done, I just love sliding into the booth at my local coffee shop, ordering breakfast, and escaping into a book. This week it was french toast and orange juice with Tina Brown's biography of Princess Diana. I always leave feeling renewed and civilized.

Sunday, August 5
-- Silly laughter. This weekend I spent a lot of time with my oldest friend. We laughed about everything and nothing. No consequence, no responsibility, just laughter. It's left me so happy, relaxed, and glad to know her.

Unconscious Mutterings #5

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Voices :: sing
2. Have to :: must
3. Machine :: sewing
4. Seventh grade :: class
5. Beach :: read
6. Roommate :: dormitory
7. Cyclone :: Oz
8. Theater :: musicals
9. Pregnant :: baby
10. Phoebe :: Buffay

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