Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reality is still soooo overrated

Today I'm just so sick of real life! Everyone at work was annoying. The weather sucks (chilly and rainy). The Cubs are off. The Republicans are dominating the airwaves, and they annoy me, too. What I need tonight is an escape from reality, a safe and familiar place to retreat to, while I curl up in a ball on the couch. What I need is …

That Girl!

The Season Four DVD set just arrived and the timing ideal. I am having a silly, tranquil time, watching Ann Marie's wacky career-girl adventures, whimsical and sweet relationship with Donald, and impossibly expansive wardrobe. I loved this show when I was in grade school, and it's wonderful to get reacquainted with it.

DAY 04 -- September Fitness Challenge

I feel kinda bad writing this, considering I didn't work out today and began drinking beer at about 3:30. But still, my lunch was STELLAR! 2 hard-boiled eggs (a good source of both protein and those B vitamins I need) and grapes (vitamin C) and instead of dessert, yogurt (calcium) with blueberries (fiber and vitamin C). It was actually filling, too.

Didn't improve my mood, though. Maybe more beer …

I know why Don Draper drinks

It's raining. I lost my ID, so I'm trapped on this floor. The Cubs have been losing. And at this very moment I hate the head of account services. Let me rephrase that: I always hate her, but at this moment, I especially hate her. Don Draper would understand.

Fortunately the Friday Beer Cart arrived a day early. Just in time to help me with my mood. It's not the high-class hootch Don Draper drinks, but then, this isn't TV.