Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heads & Tails #12

Today's theme is the Number 3. I'm taking this opportunity to celebrate three of the best cats ever -- mine.

Joey is my ginormous gray and white tom. He really is huge, once actually frightening the cable guy. Poor Joe was turned in to the animal shelter at Christmastime, 1999, because his original family could no longer afford to care for him. Joey loves hearing his name, he loves having his neck scratched, he loves roughhousing with the other cats, he loves powernapping … Joey loves life.

Charlotte Anne is my tiny, tailless diva. She hates Joey. Only she knows why. Every day he tries to play with her, and every day she rebuffs him. This has been going on since she arrived in 2001. She joined us after a fire at the animal shelter -- unfortunately most of her background info was lost. Miss Thing is a picky eater who always has room for Friskies Tender Treats. She is also picky about her litterbox, and has been known to punish a particular spot on the hall carpet if things aren't to her specifications. She is a big help to me when I put my makeup on in the morning, sitting on the toilet seat, chatting with me and sharing her opinions.

Reynaldo is a skinny, beige streak of adrenaline. He was turned in to the shelter as a stray kitten in Fall 2004. I keep waiting for him to calm down and leave his mischievous kitten days behind. The long wait continues. For all his faults, he is very affectionate with me, submissive with HRH Charlotte, and the perfect rough-and-tumble playmate for Joe.

These three are a perfect example of why you should "make adoption for first option." Shelter animals make unique and completely adorable companions!

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