Friday, June 13, 2008

Good for what ails me

I miss my best friend something fierce …
I am vaguely yet naggingly uncomfortable about my current client project because I can't trust the dillweed I'm stuck working with …
My former boss is healing slowly, so slowly that he actually said he'd "prefer the cancer" to the painful and tenacious stomach malady he's dealing with …
I feel ridiculously sad that "Big Russ" and Luke Russert will have to spend Father's Day without Tim Russert
my head feels all stuffy …
I am distinctly not happy with the way my mid-month finances are going …

So I'm coping by curling up on the sofa with a big bowl of breakfast cereal, watching the Cubs. Sure, Soriano is hurt again. OK, so Gallagher gave up three runs in the first. What of it? This glorious team is never completely out of the running. We've gone from a hopeless 3-0 at the end of the first to an extremely winnable 3-1 at the end of the fifth.

I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have a team.

I didn't even know him!

I feel so incredibly bad about Tim Russert's passing. He was a serious journalist and he held to his standards. He also loved what he did and who he covered. He understood that journalism provides a rough draft for historians, as evidenced by this exhibit he did (and that I enjoyed) for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, IL. As described by Springfield's State Journal Register:

"His videotaped likeness can be seen on a regular basis at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, where he appears in the Campaign 1860 exhibit, which features Russert hosting a Meet the Press-style discussion of the candidates in the presidential race of 1860."

My Sunday mornings will never be the same, because if it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press.

Well, excuse the begeesus out of ME, your highness

By the imperious behavior he's been exhibiting, this must be the true identity of the art director I'm currently saddled with -- I mean, collaborating with. And here I thought he was just some guy named Chuck with lots of tattoos who wears black all the time. Sorry. My mistake.

I need a drink.