Friday, December 05, 2008

Top 5 on Friday Music Meme

Top 5 albums by classic rock artists

The Beatles White Album. There may be better Beatle albums, but none is more fun. Plus, the White Album and I share the same release/birth day.

Born in the USA. Bruce Springsteen. I'm ambivalent about this one, since it's the album that produced all the hits ... and took my Bruce and turned him into an arena concert star. No more up-close-and-personal, small venues after this. But I think its success is because it was the perfect convergence of artist, message and time.

Band on the Run. Paul McCartney and Wings. Sir Paul hits his solo stride. This CD sounds so great. The song transition is almost seamless and the production is terrific.

The Eagles Greatest Hits. All meat, no filler.

Still Crazy After All These Years. Paul Simon. "I Do It for Your Love" is one the sweetest, most underrated love songs in the history of recorded sound.

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Oh, this is rich!

During his sentencing, OJ Simpson tearfully told the judge that he was only in that Las Vegas hotel room to retrieve what was his. It was especially important to him that he be able to give his younger daughter something of her mother's that was "stolen."

Gee, like maybe HER LIFE? Oh wait! That's gone forever, you knife-wielding maniac. (Actually I think it was a ring.)

I know that today's sentence legally and morally must be limited to Simpson's activities in that Vegas hotel room. That's why I'm glad I'm not the judge. I could never overlook those bloody dogprints in front of Nicole Brown's home.

See you in maybe 9 years, Juice.